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School Council assists the Pastor and School Principal in the policies and procedures of St. Patrick that affect the school.

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is to be consultative in nature and is to be governed by a written set of bylaws approved by the Pastor. The St. Patrick Catholic School Advisory Council shall recommend policies under which the school should operate, in conformity with those established by the Diocesan Catholic School Council.

1. Assist the principal in developing and communicating the school’s vision and mission in consultation with the pastor, parents, parish leadership groups and the faculty and staff

2. Help carry out annual and strategic planning for the school in the areas of Catholicity, curriculum/personnel, enrollment, facilities, finance, and communication

3. Monitor and enhance the school’s financial status with particular attention to budget and long-term (endowment) financial needs

4. Strengthen the image of the school through an informative and interactive public relations plan

5. Provide input and recommend policies to the pastor and principal that are consistent with diocesan policy

6. Evaluate the Council’s progress in accomplishing its short and long range goals on an annual basis