Greeters/Offertory Gifts

Welcome all who attend the weekend liturgy. Bring forward the bread and wine for the Liturgy of the Eucharist. Families or a group of individuals may serve in this ministry.

Contact Gary & Donna Herron
(620) 432-4090


Proclaim the Word of God during the Mass. Time commitment: initial training sessions and serving when scheduled. Lectors will be scheduled on a rotating basis. Qualifications: Fully initiated Catholic and in full communion with the Church.

Contact Angie Zaragosa
(620) 433-2197

Music Ministry

Do you feel called to lead the community in praise and worship through song? Please join us as a worship leader to lead our community in song. Opportunities are available for singers and instrumentalists. Ministers are needed for both weekend Masses and Holy Days.

Contact Sallie Knapp
(620) 433-2107


Assist with and direct seating of the assembly at weekend liturgies, gather the gifts/collection, distribute bulletins assist those with special needs and emergency situations, and direct the orderly flow of people during Communion.

Contact Bob Cross
(620) 431-2654

Altar Linens/Vestment Care

Involves the cleaning, care and repair of altar linens and pastor/server vestments. Time commitment would include repairing, washing and ironing albs and linens in preparation for liturgical seasons, especially Easter and Christmas.

Contact Shirley Farren
(620) 432-4352

Art and Environment

A ministry devoted to preparing and decorating the worship space for the liturgical seasons throughout the year. Will meet for planning and as necessary for set up and take down.

Contact Jackie Van Gotten
(620) 431-2853


Oversees the preparation of the Sunday liturgy including minister check-in, making ready the bread and wine as well as the vessels for the Eucharist. Time commitment 1/2 hour before and after Mass, in addition to an occasional Holy Day or special Mass.

Contact Fr. Michael J. Linnebur
(620) 431-3165
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Communion Calls

Bring communion to those who are homebound or hospitalized. Must be willing to be trained as an Extraordinary Minister of the Eucharist and in Communion to the Homebound.

Contact Mary Ann Kneeland
(620) 431-1471

Audio/Video Recording of Weekend Liturgies

Volunteers needed for audio recording of homilies to be downloaded as podcasts for the web site. Digital video recording of the Mass to be downloaded for local TV station.

Contact Looking for steward.

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