Parish Newsletter

Volunteers to develop and/or assist in the publication of a monthly parish newsletter. Duties would include writing or soliciting articles, editing text and designing the layout.

Contact Sandy Alonzo
(620) 431-3165

Bulletin Board

Volunteers to maintain parish bulletin board. The bulletin board promotes parish activities and highlights achievements of parishioners.

Contact Looking for steward.

Parish Office Assistant

Assists parish secretary in folding and inserting fliers, envelopes etc. in the weekly bulletin. Also assists in preparing parish mailings. In the absence of the parish secretary, will answer the telephone and perform any other office duties as needed by the pastor.

Contact Sandy Alonzo
(620) 431-3165

Church Cleaning

Families responsible for the cleaning and care of the church. This is a weekly commitment divided between families of people so that no one is responsible for more than one day a month. Cleaning follows the 8:00 a.m. Mass every Saturday.

Contact Looking for steward.

Bethlehem Chapel Cleaning

Volunteers needed for the cleaning and the care of Bethlehem Chapel. This is a weekly commitment divided between families of people so that no one is responsible for more than one day a month.

Contact Martha Hendrix
(620) 431-2531

Bethlehem Chapel Gift Shop

Volunteers needed to help run and maintain our Bethlehem Chapel Gift Shop. Volunteers needed to help order and stock supplies.

Contact Shirley Herold
(620) 431-6100


Performs various preventive and repair maintenance duties, including plumbing, electrical, carpentry etc.

Contact Looking for steward



Landscaping/Grounds Maintenance

As needed, mowing, planting, trimming, weeding, snow and ice removal. Coordinating parish work days (Fall/Spring).

Contact Nick Alonzo
(620) 431-0516

Cemetery Maintenance

As needed, weed-eating, trimming, and maintenance of St. Patrick Catholic Cemetery.

Contact Thad Busse
(620) 212-5149



Parish Center/Kitchen Maintenance

Volunteers work weekly to oversee the parish center and kitchen cleaning. Duties would include towel laundering, stocking of commonly used commodities such as styrofoam plates, cups, napkins, toilet paper, paper towels, etc. This ministry can be split between several volunteers with varying time commitments.

Contact Judy Farrell
(620) 431-0102


Bi-lingual volunteers needed to help translate at St. Patrick Catholic Church and School. There are times we would need availability of translators for emergencies.

Contact Vicki Fleming
(620) 432-1401

Childcare Provider

Coordinates and/or provides childcare for parish events. Maintains youth volunteer child care directory.

Contact Looking for steward.

Youth Stewardship Envelope Coordinator

Coordinates the distribution of youth stewardship envelopes.

Contact Looking for steward.

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