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St. Patrick Catholic School, Chanute, KS is a gift from the faithful stewardship of St. Patrick Catholic Church, Chanute, KS. The school has come a long way since it opened in 1920, closed in 1972 and reopened in 1992. The enrollment has reached as many as 130 students in 2001. The school building has been expanded. The school resources have increased through the generosity of many stewards and grants that the school has received. The school had been given recognition for excellence, winning the Governor’s Excellence award two years in a row. Today, St. Patrick Catholic School continues to focus on the faith formation and Catholic education of every person entrusted to our care.

The enrollment for school year 2010-2011 is only 56 after the school experienced a number of challenges and issues in the previous year. With uneven numbers of students enrolled in Kinder to Grade 5, the school is offering Combination Classes for Grades 5 & 4 and Grades 3 & 2. This school year, we officially open the St. Patrick Child Learning Center which will offer morning and afternoon pre-school classes and a whole day child care. The Center presently has 15 children enrolled.

We are looking to rebuild and strengthen the St. Patrick Catholic School Chanute Family this school year as we permeate our school day with Catholic prayers, liturgy, teachings and tradition. We are directing our efforts to living out a truly Catholic Culture as we seek “excellence in Eucharist, Evangelization and Education.” We open our doors to all cultures as we serve a diverse group children. We embrace the stewardship way of life as we make Catholic Education available to everyone regardless of their socio-economic status. We intend to re-establish a felt Catholic lifestyle and a strong Academic program as we work together to bring home every Catholic child and every Catholic family to the Catholic School where they truly belong.

St. Patrick Catholic School Chanute looks to the future and plans to add a sixth grade class in 2011, a seventh grade class in 2012 and an eighth grade class in 2013 to continue to serve all the families who are desiring a Catholic Elementary Education for their children. The school will soon need to plan the renovation of the gymnasium and the building of a stage to better serve the sports and activities program that the school will offer.

History of St. Patrick Catholic School

St. Patrick School had its beginnings shortly after St. Patrick Church was established in Chanute. In 1911, the foundation was laid, but World War I and a financial crisis caused by oil men leaving Chanute delayed the completion of the project. On September 29, 1920 St. Patrick School officially opened with 65 pupils in six grades. The Sisters of Loretto were the first teachers, but they left Neosho County in the early 1920’s and the school was then staffed by the Sisters of St. Joseph. The junior high and gymnasium were opened in the fall of 1955. However, due to decreasing enrollment, the school was closed in 1972.

When Fr. Michael Maybrier came to St. Patrick Parish in 1989, he found many parishioners anxious to reopen their Catholic School to enable their children to experience an education incorporating Catholic doctrine and values. After much planning and preparation, St. Patrick School reopened in the fall of 1992 with an enrollment of 27 pupils in grades K-2. The teaching staff consisted of two certified classroom teachers and numerous volunteers.

In the fall of 1993, grades 3 and 4 were added. A full-time certified teacher and a part-time principal and music teacher were added to the staff. By the next fall, St. Patrick School had become a K-5 elementary schools with 63 students.

In 1995, a house in close proximity to the existing school was acquired and converted to a pre-school. When the 1995- 96 school year began, St. Patrick School offered pre-school through 5th grade. Enrollment was 90 students, and a teaching Sister was added.

For the 2001-02 school year, the school had an estimated enrollment of 130 students. It consists of the pre-school, 5 regular classrooms, a music/computer lab, a gymnasium which doubles as a lunchroom, a library housed in the old stage area, an office for the secretary and principal, and a long, narrow playground in back.

St. Patrick Catholic Elementary

*St. Patrick Catholic School officially opened in 1920, with 65 students in grades 1-6

*Sisters of Loretta were the first teachers and were eventually replace with the Sisters of St. Joseph.

*In the Fall of 1955, the school added three grades and extended through the 9th grade, a new building with a gymnasium was built.

*However, due to decreasing enrollment, the was forced to close in 1972.

*Upon the arrival of Father Michael Maybrier in 1989, he soon discovered there was a renewed interest in reopening the school. After much planning the school was reopened in the fall of 1992 after being closed for 20 years. That year only three grades were offered grades k-1-2 with an enrollment of 27 students.

*In the fall of 1993, grades 3-4 were added and by the fall of 1995 St. Patrick became a K-5 school with 63 students.

The following fall of 1995, a house was purchased across the street from the school, and a preschool was added, enrollment had grown to 90 students.

In the fall of 2001, a building campaign was launched, an d 4 years later, construction began for the new school addition. The new building included three new classrooms, new offices, restrooms, library, teacher’s workroom, music room, and a commons area.

Construction was complete and classes in the new building began in the fall of 2006.

  • We currently have 101 students
  • 6 full time teachers
  • 3 part-time teachers
  • 2 para professionals
  • 1 full time secretary
  • 1 old principal

Usd 413 provides Title I Reading services and the ANW Coop provides special ed. Services.

What we feel are major accomplishments in the past few years include:

  • The new building of course
  • Extending Kindergarten to a full day
  • Offering am and pm sessions for both the 3 and 4 year old pre-school
  • Offering parents an afterschool program until 5:30 pm.
  • Receiving a $-75000.00 TRC (technology rich classroom) grant to enhance our technology. ( to my knowledge we are the only catholic school to receive this grant.)
  • The school has wireless internet that facilities our three portable computer labs.
  • The laptop ratio is less than 2:1, we have about 40 laptops.
  • We are very happy to have Power School and use it extensively.
  • This Semester we have started using the PDPtoobox to electronically record staff development for the improvement of instruction and re-cetification.
  • As a part of our Crisis Management Plan, we have recently Purchased the School Reach Program, that allows us instant messaging to parents.

St. Patrick has been recognized by the state department of ed as a school of excellence from the state assessment scores.

St. Patrick has received the Governor’s Award both years it has been given, this award is for meeting all requirements of AYP (NCLB) and scoring in the top 5% of all the elementary schools in the state.

Most of all we are proud to be recognized by the diocese of Wichita for being exemplary on the steward (religion test) and for being able to provide to the children of St. Patrick Parish a quality faith based education.

St. Patrick Catholic School-Chanute
Frank Kennedy, Former Principal

St. Patrick Catholic School continues to be an integral part of the parish. The stewardship of the parish makes it possible to offer a Faith Based Education for all students in the parish regardless of their income or ethnicity. Over 30% of the students attending St. Patrick Catholic School qualify for free and reduced lunches and over 20% of the students are from minority - families.

The stewardship commitment of the parishioners is witnessed by the many sacrifices that have been made in the last five years. The new addition to the school became a reality in the fall of 2006 providing: four new classrooms, library, music room, teacher workroom, office area, and restrooms. At the same time the existing building was remodeled with new tile floors, carpet in the classrooms, new white boards, and wiring that provides wireless internet throughout the building. The time, talent, and treasure of the parish and school families have made these many accomplishments possible.

St. Patrick Catholic School was fortunate to receive a Technology Rich Classroom Grant to help provide wireless laptop computers. Through fundraisers and donations additional laptops were purchased to allow l laptop computer for each 2 students. Playground equipment was purchased and installed by the parent teacher organization.

St. Patrick Catholic School is recognized as “Exemplary” by the Diocese of Wichita and as a school of “Excellence” by the State of Kansas. The school has received the Governor’s Academic Award” in 2005- 2006, and 2006-2007, distinguishing the school in the top 5% of all elementary schools in the state. Enrollment has increased to the largest number since the school re-opened in 1992.

Through prayer and support St. Patrick Catholic School will continue to provide an “Excellent Catholic Education” for all students in our parish family.