5th Grade

Spelling 11/14-11/18

Spelling 11/14-11/18

1.     separate

2.     alter

3.     bogus

4.     tantrum

5.     kickstand

6.     hayloft

7.     crayon

8.     snide

9.     until

10.                        value

11.                        university

12.                        force

13.                        garlic

14.                        candy

15.                        attic

16.                        gusto

17.                        splashy

18.                        passport

19.                        coupon


20.                        savvy

2016 Diocese Religion Test Grade 5

2016 5th Grade Religion Assessment

The Teacher will provide the usernames, passwords and the secret word.

Jan 25 - Jan 29

Week 25

January 25 - January 29

Religion - We will continue working in our book.

ELA - We will finish up Dibels Testing.

Reading - Continue reading in Hatchet

Language - Continue with verbs: irregular verbs, simple tenses, and progressive tenses.

Spelling - Oral class spelling bees. We will have several rounds for a few days and I will total the amount of points the students earn and the top points will go to the school bee. This will give students more than a one and done chance.

Handwriting - We will practice lowercase z and then go back to the beginning of the book and work on connections of letters and writing words.

Math - We are finishing up with adding and subtracting decimals and then will begin fractions.

Science - work on conservation poster and begin chapter on Force and Motion

Social Studies - We have been learning about colonies and will be focusing on the southern colonies.


We were finally able to begin MAP testing last week. We completed Reading and Language. We will complete the Math and Science tests this week.

Week 16

Sorry for the lack of updates.

Religion: We finished up saints and the steps to becoming a saint. Our focus now will be on Advent and Christmas Seasons of the church year. We will also be learning about the Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy.

Reading: We have been busy in the classroom reading stories in our Journey's Reading Series with discussions of figurative language (similes, idioms), figuring out plot (rising action, falling action, problem, resolution), and how we can make connections to the story or characters in the stories. *Continue to read for AR points for Homework!!*

Language: We finished up the unit on pronouns and moved straight into adjectives.

Spelling: I have been giving the students a copy of their words to attach into their planner. We will not have spelling this week (11/30 - 12/4) due to practices for the Christmas Program being during ELA time.

Math: We continue to work on dividing. We started out with dividing by one digit divisors and now have moved to two digit divisors. I have told the students that even if the homework tells a specific way to solve, they can solve the way they feel most comfortable.

Science: We are finishing up on adaptations and will be moving onto Ecosystems and this will take us until Christmas Break.

Social Studies: Our topic has been about the early explorers (Marco Polo and Christopher Columbus)  and has developed into early settlements of Jamestown and the Virginia Colony. We will continue this for another week or two.


Have a great week!

St. Patrick, pray for us!

Mrs. Hager :)

October 19 - October 30

October 19 - October 30

Religion: Saints

ELA: Personal Narrative, Pronouns, Plot, Read A Package for Mrs. Jewls

Spelling: breath, wobble, blister, crush, direct, promise, grasp, numb, hymn, shovel, gravity, frantic, swift, feather, comic, bundle, solid, weather, energy, stingy

*Test will be on Friday, October 30.

Math: Division, Fact Family

Science: Genes

Social Studies: Early Cultures, Test on Thursday, October 22. Begin Cultures Meet.

Week 8

Servers for 9/28-10/2

Rheniah, Xander, Ella




First Reading: Gracie                                      Responsorial Psalm: Pratham


First Reading: Levi                                         Responsorial Psalm: Lena


First Reading: Mia                                          Responsorial Psalm: Karsyn


Sunday School Families Mass:

Lectors: First Reading: Mia              Responsorial Psalm: Blaine                  Second Reading: Rheniah

Collection: Canaan, Corey, Tevyn, Jakob

Guitar: Preston, Gracie, Ava, Grace

* If your child cannot attend the 10:00 Mass, please let me know!

If your child cannot find their copy of the reading or response, you may go to: http://www.usccb.org/ and on the right hand side there is a calendar. Click on the day your child is a lector and you will find their reading.


September 28 - October 2

Religion: Rosary

Math: Distributive Property and Estimating Products

ELA: Continue Reading Walk Two Moons, Nouns (Review)

Social Science: Native Americans

Science: Genes

Spelling: Students Received their word list today. The test will be on Friday, October 2.

field, surprise, environment, beginning, miniature, ninety, eighty, seventy, sixty, fifty, forty, thirty, twenty, thousand, million

Bonus words: quarter, nickel


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