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Thursday, August 17th

Happy Birthday Ella Ward!
Happy Birthday Caylee Trautloff!
Frito Chili Pie, Grapes, Steamed Baby Carrots, Garden Salad/Tomatoes, Chocolate Cake, Milk Choice
Friday, August 18th

Chicken on a WG Bun, Peaches, Broccoli W/Cheese, Fries, Sandwich Compliments, Milk Choice
Saturday, August 19th

Sunday, August 20th

Monday, August 21st

Happy Birthday Ava Tindle!
Mini Corndog, Orange Wedges, Green Beans, Shredded Lettuce/Tomatoes, Spinach, Snickerdoodle Cookie, Milk Choice
Happy Birthday, Alexander Weilert and Ava Tindle!

School Mission Statement

St. Patrick Catholic School assists families
in an environment
of excellence and stewardship
in forming children in the Catholic faith
to become disciples of Jesus Christ
who know, love and serve God.


Employment Opportunities

Welcome Principal Mary Durand

Mrs. Mary (Mies) Durand, formerly the middle school math teacher at Humboldt Middle School, will assume the role as our principal here at St. Patrick's! Mrs. Durand began her teaching career by teaching for 4 years at St. Patrick Catholic School in Wichita. She then moved out to Humboldt with her husband Jeff, and has been teaching there for 24 years. Mrs. Durand holds a Masters of Science in Educational Leadership, has held numerous leadership positions within the school over the course of time, and is highly respected by her colleagues and the administration there at Humboldt Middle School. She is an active member of St. Joseph parish and attends Mass here with her family as well. She is excited to join us here at St. Patrick Catholic School, and I think she will do a fantastic job!

Note Change in February on Updated 2016-2017 Calendar


The Southeast Kansas Teachers’ InService originally scheduled on February 13 has been moved to February 20. 

The February 10 Comp Day has been moved to February 17.

Please update your calendars and plan on No Classes for Preschool-Kinder-Grades 1-6 on Friday, February 17 and Monday, February 20.  (Childcare will be open all day on both days.)

February 10 and 13 are regular school days.

Please click here to view, download or print the updated pdf 2016-2017 SPCS PS-K-6 School Calendar (441 KB) (pdf).

2016-2017 PS-K-Gr6 Calendar

Please click here to view, download or print the pdf 2016-2017 SPCS PS-K-6 School Calendar (441 KB) (pdf)


Grade 6 Promotion Ceremony 2016

May the Holy Triune God live in our hearts

and in the hearts of all people!


 The Catholic School is the extension of the Catholic Church, one of her arms in evangelizing children and families.  Our Catholic School is a nursery for the souls of our children who are foremost children of God - citizens of heaven!

So I thank the Catholic Diocese of Wichita for the Stewardship Way of Life that allows all children to receive Catholic education.  I sincerely thank all of you, the families of St. Patrick Catholic Church for your stewardship that provides a Catholic School here in Chanute for every child who desires a Christ-centered formation.

I commend the parents of all of our students, especially the families of our Grade 6 students, who made faith-based choices everyday -until 6th Grade- to send their children to the Catholic School.  When you participate in God's will for your children, He will reward your faithfulness.

So today, we celebrate these 6th graders and pray for them to continue growing as disciples of Jesus Christ who know, love and serve God.

By virtue of the authority vested on me by the Kansas State Department of Education Unified School District Z0031 Wichita CatholicSchools, I hereby present these students who are being promoted to 7th Grade.

-delivered by Principal Fey Barles at the Grade 6 Promotion Ceremony,

May 15, 2016 Pentecost Sunday

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