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School Mission Statement

Together with the family, the parish, and each other, we will FORM EACH STUDENT INTO A DISCIPLE OF JESUS CHRIST who seeks the Truth, grows to love It, and learns to live It.

Every 4th Friday Pizza Hut Coupon

It’s time for the monthly St. Patrick PTO Pizza Hut Fundraiser!! All you have to do is go to Pizza Hut next Friday July 25th and enjoy the lunch buffet or place an order, then present the attached coupon when you pay and our school will get a percentage of your total. The more we sell the higher the percentage so keep a coupon for yourself and share one with a friend!!! Take the night off from making dinner next Friday July 25th and order a pizza instead.

Stewardship Ad 07-22-2014

Please click here for the pdf file:  Stewardship Ad 07-22-2014

Uniform Styles

Uniforms are part of Catholic Education in the Diocese of Wichita. By sending your student/students to our school you are accepting the obligation that they will follow the school dress code on a daily basis. Parents are the first agents who ensure that students follow the dress code.

In order to insure uniformity of color and style, all approved uniform items may be purchased at Parker Uniform, 650 N. Carriage Pky, Wichita, Phone – 1-800-500-4634 or at similar uniform suppliers.  If purchasing through other uniform suppliers, please check that they carry the same uniform color and style.  The school reserves the right to reject uniforms that are outside of the dress code.

Please click here for a guide to uniform styles: Uniform Styles

Stewardship Ad 07-17-2014

To view the pdf version, please click here: Stewardship Ad 07-17-2014

3 Frequently Asked Questions on Admissions

Admissions Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Question:  Is St. Patrick Catholic School legally obliged to serve every Catholic and Guest student?

Answer: Although there is no legal obligation to do so, our school will, to the extent that available resources permit, try to serve every Catholic student from active stewardship families.  Catholic schools reserve the right to admit or deny admission or continued enrollment to any student, including Catholic students. In some cases, the school needs to determine whether it has the necessary resources to serve a student successfully before it accepts a student for enrollment.

Question:  Which students may be admitted to St. Patrick Catholic School?

Answer: The Catholic schools of the Diocese of Wichita admit students of any race or ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs, and activities generally accorded or made available to students, and these schools do not discriminate on the basis of race or ethnic origin in administration of educational or admission policies, scholarship programs, and athletic or other school programs.

The following criteria will be used to determine acceptance.

1.         Admission priority is extended to children from St. Patrick Catholic Church, to siblings of current St. Patrick Catholic School students and to children of faculty and staff members.  Admission will be extended to children from St. Joseph Catholic Church – Humboldt.  Admission may be extended to all other students who are not members of St. Patrick -Chanute or St. Joseph– Humboldt based on capacity levels of classes.

2.         The number of years parents have been registered in the parish, as well as, their degree of participation in the stewardship program will be considered for enrollment.

3.         Parents must have (a)  attended and completed the required parent presentation or program such as the “The  Spirituality of Stewardship” and / or “The Catholic Parent” given at St. Patrick Chanute and similar approved programs; (b)  completed the Time-Talent-Treasure Stewardship Forms; (c)  completed and signed the Parish-School-Family Covenant or Agreement.  Quarterly Accountability Report shows faithful participation in the stewardship program.

4.         All Kindergarten students must successfully complete a screening assessment given at St. Patrick Catholic School. According to the law of the State of Kansas, only those children who are five (5) years of age on or before August 31 of the current school year may be admitted to kindergarten.

5.         Kindergarten to Grade 6 students of Catholic Stewardship families are tuition-free and are charged a Registration fee only.  All other K-6 students are charged a Registration fee and tuition.

6.         Kansas Statute 72-5209, amended in 1975, requires that every child entering a Kansas school for the first time must present a Certificate of Immunization completed by a physician.  The required forms may be obtained from the school and must be returned as soon as possible.  NON COMPLETION OF IMMUNIZATION RECORDS COULD MEAN NON ADMITTANCE TO SCHOOL.

All children enrolling in St. Patrick Catholic School must have received the required immunizations for their age by the first day of school.

If immunizations are not current, parents must provide verification signed by a doctor or nurse that they are in the process of bringing them up to date.  This should include an expected completion date.  The school should be notified of the progress after each shot so that records can be updated.

If parents are choosing not to follow the recommended immunization schedule they must supply the school with an immunization exemption form signed by their physician.

Failure to follow these guidelines will result in denying a child admittance to school until compliance is reached.

7.         A valid birth certificate must also be presented at the time of enrollment.

8.         If your child is entering school for the first time, a physical examination is required.  This physical must not be older than one year.  Kindergarten children must have a current physical indicating the current year.

9.         In accordance with the policies of the Diocese of Wichita, new students to the school must first present certificates of  Baptism, and/or First Communion, if these Sacraments were not received at St. Patrick.  Since your child’s permanent record cannot be completed without this information, report cards will be withheld until the information has been recorded.

10.       St. Patrick Catholic School welcomes non-Catholic students under the following conditions:

1.  There is room for them in a particular class.

2.  A parishioner will not be excluded.

3.  The non-Catholic tuition will be determined at enrollment.

4.  A non-Catholic completes all religion assignments and attends Holy Mass with his or her class.

Question:  Does St. Patrick Catholic School “kick out” students with special needs?

Answer: St. Patrick Catholic School does not “kick out” students with special needs.  St. Patrick is able to enroll students with special needs.  However, in some cases, the school needs to determine whether it has the necessary resources to serve a student successfully before it accepts a student for enrollment.

Federally funded special services are available to St. Patrick Catholic School students through USD 413 and the ANW Coop.  These special services include OT (occupational therapy); PT (physical therapy); adaptive physical education; speech therapy, Gifted services and L. D. services.  If parents believe their child would benefit from these services, or would like more information about these services, parents need to speak with their child’s teacher about the Student Improvement Team (SIT) process.

If a student with special needs has an established Indivualized Educational Plan (IEP), the student can be served.  This plan is required by the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. The plan must specify services and educational goals and objectives. It obligates the local education agency (USD, Coop, Inter-local) to provide specified and agreed upon services.

St. Patrick Catholic School recommends that a student be enrolled in another school that has the resources, trained specialized staff or funding to address specific educational and developmental needs only if St. Patrick Catholic School does not currently have the resources, trained specialized staff or funding to address specific educational and developmental needs of the student.  Operating within the scope of General Education and even stretching all possible options available to us, our school may for certain special needs be unable to effectively provide the most appropriate educational and developmental environment for a student.

Should our school receive funding to provide resources and trained specialized staff to address educational and developmental needs outside the scope of General Education, we will be most willing to admit or continue a student’s enrollment in our school.  However, during the time that we are unable, parents are informed to make arrangements for the student to gain admission in another school that has the resources, trained specialized staff or funding to address the student’s educational and developmental needs.

Our school conducts all throughout the school year regular Student Improvement Team (SIT) Meetings and Grade Level meetings with student’s teachers and para-staff to monitor student progress academically and behaviorally in order to plan accommodations and necessary courses of action to address student issues and needs.  We also consult and coordinate with ANW  Coop and / or USD 413 and request assistance and input from them that may benefit the child.  Unfortunately, our partner agencies in education are also limited with the staff and time that they can extend to our school.   We also adjust staffing assignments and schedules as well as utilize as many strategies and approaches available as listed in our school’s Individual Learning Plan (ILP).  However, we can only effectively provide services and accommodations within the scope of General Education that is offered by our school.  At this time, we do not have resources, trained specialized staff or funding to address special needs or special services that may be needed by some children as evidenced by observed performance and behavior within the school year.  Considering all these and keeping in mind and at heart what will most benefit the child, St. Patrick Catholic School, may recommend that a student be enrolled in another school until we are able to provide resources and trained specialized staff to address educational and developmental needs outside the scope of General Education.  However, if the SIT is able to facilitate the establishment of an IEP for the child, then the school is able to enroll or continue the enrollment of the student because an IEP obligates the local education agency (USD, Coop, Inter-local) to provide specified and agreed upon services.


Every school year that your child can spend in the Catholic School counts

and makes a huge faith-filled difference in your child’s life.

Jesus said, “Let the children come to me, and do not prevent them.”  (Matthew 19:14)


St. Patrick Catholic School invites all the Catholic children to enroll in the Catholic School

To enroll:  call (620) 431-4020, email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , visit the school office

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