Mrs. Mary (Mies) Durand, formerly the middle school math teacher at Humboldt Middle School, will assume the role as our principal here at St. Patrick's! Mrs. Durand began her teaching career by teaching for 4 years at St. Patrick Catholic School in Wichita. She then moved out to Humboldt with her husband Jeff, and has been teaching there for 24 years. Mrs. Durand holds a Masters of Science in Educational Leadership, has held numerous leadership positions within the school over the course of time, and is highly respected by her colleagues and the administration there at Humboldt Middle School. She is an active member of St. Joseph parish and attends Mass here with her family as well. She is excited to join us here at St. Patrick Catholic School, and I think she will do a fantastic job!


2010-2016 Thank you and Epilogue

What a Spirit-filled six school years!  How can I thank all of you Church and School families and friends of St. Patrick Catholic School for all the gifts  and support you have generously given during my mission and service as School Principal?  My family and I are deeply grateful for the hospitality and friendship that we have received.  Together and with God’s grace, we have accomplished many endeavors in an environment of excellence and stewardship so that our children may be formed in the Catholic faith to become disciples of Jesus Christ who know, love and serve God.  Looking back, my heart is filled with joy and I celebrate every moment that we faithfully carried on to move our school community forward.  Indeed, to work daily with highly qualified devoted teachers and staff, dedicated volunteers and selfless stewards, committed Pastors and supportive families was a great blessing!  We faced many challenges but we made each year better than the year before.  We did our best to do everything we could but the good work will be continued by many others that God has chosen to labor in His vineyard .  Many continue to make sacrifices for our school and offer stewardship of time, talent and / or treasure.   My prayers especially to Jesus the King of Divine Mercy will always include all of you and until we meet again, May God hold you in the palm of His hand!  St. Patrick, pray for us!

A beautiful epilogue to my time at St. Patrick-Chanute was penned in a thank you letter that was sent to me.  I am compelled to share excerpts from it, if only to give witness to the mission God has called me to Chanute:  “What an assignment!  I’m glad you heeded the Lord’s call and came to help us out.”  “Slowly and carefully you assessed the situation and took baby steps to change things and set them right.”  “You asked many questions about traditions, worked hard at communications, and spent many hours, around the clock…”  “It was not easy…  It took much sacrifice on your part—actually, your whole family’s part.  The boys spent many hours at school after hours so you could work, and Lawrence took on custodial work as well as PE classes to make everything work.  Gradually , things evened out and calmed down, and you had to work at rebuilding the school.  Today, it has made great strides in becoming an institution of high repute…”  “I want you to know I appreciate your leadership in the years that I worked for you, and since.  You cared about the kids and staff and put Christ first in your dealings with people and decisions.  You didn’t ask staff to do anything you wouldn’t do yourself (and, I suspect, you did many things yourself when you could have asked someone else to do it!).  You promoted excellence and set high expectations for all in the school, and were a strong advocate for getting students additional services when needed.  I appreciate  that the student body became quite diverse with you welcoming all children of God to our school.”  “As you leave Chanute, I hope you take a piece of St. Patrick School in your heart, and that it blesses you through the years.  Know that you have friends here and that we will miss you.  You have touched many lives here, and you leave an imprint on all our hearts.” 

Thank you, St. Patrick Chanute for blessing me and my family! - Principal Fey Barles 2010-2016

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