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PS 4's Tuition Policy Effective August 2014

Preschool and / or Childcare Fees and Tuition Policy effective August 2014

When Preschool and / or Childcare parents complete and sign the enrollment form for their child, they are committing to paying required fees and tuition for 10 months, beginning August and ending in May. 

The Registration Fee is paid at pre-enrollment and / or enrollment day.  The Semester Craft Fee is paid on or before the beginning of the semester.  Lunch Fees are paid ahead weekly, monthly, quarterly, by semester or in full for the year. 

Tuition is paid ahead for at least a week but may also be paid ahead in full for the year, by semester, quarterly or monthly.  If paying weekly, the parents need to make the payment on the Thursday or Friday beforehand.  A schedule of estimated fees and due dates for the year is given by the school office.  Tuition is determined through a prorated computation based on actual days of school indicated in the base schedule of each child.  Extra days and extended times may be added at a set hourly rate of $2.  A fraction of an hour is computed as an hour.

In order to maintain services over the entire year, it is essential that the annual income from fees and tuition be assured.  From time to time, families fail to remit complete payment of financial obligations in a timely fashion.   Parents need to contact the school office to make payment arrangements.  Our school is duly registered to receive payments from the Department for Children and Families (DCF) or from KansasWorks for families who qualify for assistance.  Cases in which parents have been informed and still fail to pay a fee or tuition must be dealt with promptly.  The normal consequence would be denial of the service or activity for which the fee is charged.

Because the tuition is determined through a prorated computation based on actual days of school indicated in the base schedule of each child, reduction or remission of fees cannot be allowed for absence due to family holidays, family vacations, snow days, illness, or just not being able to get the child to school.  A one-week notice with paid tuition is required for the child’s withdrawal from the program to give the school time to fill the spot they will be vacating.  Registration Fee will not be refunded.

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